I'm looking for quilting fabrics. Flannels, Cotton's, batting...things of this nature. Wanting to complete some projects. Stay at home mom needing something to take up my time while kids are at school. Thank you
I am looking for an old working dryer for my friend - vietnam veteran. If you have one and longer need please text at 865-4400615. Thank you, Steve
My mother and I just moved here and we are having a hard time finding a kitchen table and chair and we are very low on money until we get our checks again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Looking for many types of salvage. Right now, brick, cinder block, possible larger stacking type stone, PT wood in useful sizes, possibly other types of wood, and rain collection suitable barrels. Got other stuff? Let me know, I might be able to find a use. Thanks J
Looking for local fill dirt, and possibly cow/horse/goat manure or grass clippings for composting. Thanks, j
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